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The concept phase is where the project takes form, visualizing all its elements. It introduces the brand story, design direction, visual identity inspiration, and guest experience. This phase is crucial for validating the strategy and establishing a strong brand core, guiding its development.

Brand Story

Here, we craft the concept's narrative, providing the brand or project with a foundational backstory that informs its verbal, visual, and experiential identity.


Design Direction

Prior to architectural development, we define essential elements such as materials, references, and tones, shaping the project's overall design direction.


Visual Identity Inspiration

Similar to design direction, this stage translates into mood boards that inform future aspects like logos, collaterals, and communication tools.


Hospitality Concept

This substantial part encompasses non-verbal and non-visual experiences, including food concepts, soundscapes, olfactory design, and service style, all vital components of this phase.

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