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With the brand and project now clearly defined in verbal terms and the name finalized, the next step is to establish the brand's visual identity—a distinctive look that will be used across various communication channels and media.

Logo Design

Once the name is approved, it's time to give it a visually appealing and distinctive logo that creates a sense of connection and belonging within the brand's universe.


Visual Identity

After creating the primary brand differentiator (the logo), it's time to expand upon the brand's universe by defining elements like fonts, color palettes, patterns, and the overall font system.


Collateral Design

Once all the details of the visual identity are in place, they are applied to a curated selection of collateral elements. The specific collaterals depend on the project and are carefully chosen.


Communication Tools

Finally, we prepare the physical or digital communication elements that will be used to promote the project across various venues, media outlets, and social media platforms.

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