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Magician of the Syllogical mind


The legend behind the studio

Enter the realm of the Syllusionist, a mythical character harnessing the captivating force of Syllogism—a fusion of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. The Syllusionist serves as the embodiment of our studio's core essence, where we wield the magic of Syllogism to craft mesmerizing narratives for hospitality, F&B, brands, and curation. At the heart of our craft lies the art of storytelling, weaving captivating tales that give birth to unforgettable experiences.


Our Philosophy

The three pillars of a Syllogical mind

Crafting with reason


A Credible foundation

Ethical design:
We explore how establishing trust and credibility is the foundation upon which a strong brand is built. From showcasing your company's values and ethics to highlighting the expertise and authenticity behind your brand, Ethos sets the stage for a brand that resonates with its audience on a deep and meaningful level. Learn how to craft a brand story that instills confidence, loyalty, and reliability.


A rational building

We emphasize the importance of a well-reasoned brand strategy based on market research, consumer insights, and logical decision-making. Discover how data-driven branding can help you make informed choices, tailor your brand messaging, and create a brand identity that stands out in a competitive landscape. Learn to communicate your brand's value proposition with clarity and precision.

Designing with passion


A passionate design

Discover how to craft a brand narrative that resonates with human emotions, creating lasting connections and driving customer loyalty. We delve into storytelling techniques that evoke empathy, joy, nostalgia, or excitement, and we highlight the impact of emotional branding on consumer behavior. Learn how to make your brand a memorable part of your customers' lives.


Our Services

Where the Syllusion Becomes Reality

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Decipher the market spellbook

Our strategic approach combines  expertise and credibility, with for logical, data-driven decisions, while keep pushing to emotionally connect with our audience.
This results in a well-rounded strategic recommendation that builds trust, builds a solid foundation for a concept that will be rooted and emotionally sound.

07032018_Presentation Strategy and Immer


Crafting dreamscapes

Our concepts are a blend of authenticity and trustworthiness, that create emotional resonance, while remaining practical and effective. This fusion ensures that our ideas not only connect deeply but also make sense in the real world.

22-0412 TRIBLAG Positioning and Architecture_Page_08.jpg


An alchemy of passion

Our way of building a brand is to push the narratives that establishes credibility, sparks excitement and emotions that leave a lasting impact, and provides a rational foundation to be able to develop its Identity.
This trifecta creates compelling stories that are both believable, rooted and captivating, appealing to the heart and mind.

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Enchanting all senses

Wheter it is verbal or visual, our identity building  reflects all our brand's values. We create names and tone of voices that create a universe on its own, supported by visual design that creates magic and sparks for the eyes. We finally apply Logos for clear communication, and base for a perfect brand manifesto.
This results in a brand representation that not only resonates with our audience but also conveys an authentic and logical message, true to the brand.

Most Relevant Projects

Where the Magic of Syllusion Became Reality

Visual Identity combined_Page_37_edited_edited.jpg

Publico, Singapore

True Italy By The River

Publico marked a dynamic entry into Singapore, where a comprehensive strategy was crafted to convey the food experience, in a prime location, followed by uniforms and visual identity and branding. It now stands as one of Singapore's most successful Italian restaurants.

Work completed as Creative Director of Brand Bureau. Selected images property of Avroko.

FJ Building logo color2-01.jpg

Foojohn building, Bangkok

A heart of Jazz

Another all-encompassing concept, this time for Trisara Resort in Phuket. The mission: breathe life into their holistic health resort and residence, handling brand strategy, concept, identity design, commons design, and offering valuable assistance in food direction and programming.


Eaton Hotel, Kowloon

Urban Hotel Ecosystem

The Eaton project revitalized an established brand, requiring a fresh direction. Collaborating closely with ownership, we embraced the challenge, turning Kowloon Hotel into an urban redevelopment and hospitality rebranding success story.

Work completed as Creative Director of Brand Bureau. Selected images property of Avroko.

Logo FB.jpg

100-Bit Barcade, Bangkok

Back To The Future

100-Bit pays homage to 80s culture through music, video games, and a unique visual style with reflective textures and neon elements. This theme extends to the logo, event branding, and communication. We partnered with Pappy's Hotdogs to curate a comprehensive concept, including playlists and game selection.

Automata (2).jpg


The Unsung Hero's Journey

Centara required a compelling concept to become the centerpiece of their brand-new hotel in Osaka. A comprehensive strategy was created to determine the ideal venue for the upper floors.

Three distinct F&B concepts were born. encompassing brand strategy, brand identity, and interior design concept.

Work completed as Creative Director of Brand Bureau. Selected images property of Avroko.

WhiskeyNova at Centara Grand Osaka.jpg
Visual Identity combined_Page_15.jpg


Beijing Smash hit

This project, was a full-scale F&B, Design, and Branding adventure. The mission: create a dynamic 1980s Chinese cultural narrative that resonates with today's youth's love for retro culture. The fusion of Joss paper traditions with authentic Chinese elements and infused it with street art, TV, and funky vibes.

Work completed as Creative Director of Brand Bureau. Selected images property of Avroko.

Visual Identity combined_Page_10_edited.jpg

Selected works completed as Creative Director of AvroKO, EDG Design, BED Supperclub, Publicis Events

The Head Syllusionist

Romain Dupuy

Founder and creative director at The Syllusionist, with over 14 years of experience in the design and hospitality industry, he has developed a strong expertise in branding, marketing, and communication, as well as a passion for art and culture.

At the Syllusionist, he harnesses the power of the Syllogical mind to create brands that evoke narratives, depth, and an authentic sense of magic. Romain also leverage skills in event management, art direction, and curating artists to deliver engaging and memorable experiences for the clients and the audiences.

As the Head Syllusionist, his mission is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Past and Current Clients

Professionalism in Every Project

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